Today, May 17, 2024, we are going to talk about happiness and long life.

We will launch three important milestones, starting with this partnership of Paraiso Blue Zone Farm with Batangas State University, and close friends and kindred spirits like you who are here, as our consulters, partners and prayer warriors. Others who cannot join us today due to prior commitments, are just as enthusiatic in being with us in this exciting endeavor.


  1. Launch the Paraiso Blue Zone Movement nationwide, starting in Batangas, and spread it throughout the Philippines and Filipinos abroad.
  2. Build Paraiso as the first Blue Zone Farm in the Philippines to create a proof of concept and a prototype for widespread replication nationwide.
  3. Build a body of study and courses in Batangas State University promoting longevity, a healthy diet and lifestyle. This includes courses in Wellness, Culinary Therapy, Innovative Engineering and Design to create elderly-friendly homes, workplaces, and recreational facilities.


There are five BLUE ZONE areas in the world where many of their citizens live to be a hundred and beyond. These places are Okinawa, Japan, Ikaria, Greece, Sardinia, Italy, Loma Linda, USA, and Nicoya, Costa Rica. There are also countries like Singapore, Japan, and Monaco with the highest average life expectancy of 84 years old. The average life expectancy in the Philippines is 72 years old, 69 for men, 75 for women. This is low because of the early mortality for Filipinos in the rural areas and the slums due to lack of access to health care, poor living conditions, bad diet, excessive smoking and drinking, and no maintenance medicine for the elderly. Those who reach 60 have to cope with depression and loneliness; they lack recreation or purpose to live for, with children living away to seek their own future. There are 13.5 million Senior Citizens in the Philippines, with a third of them considered as the indigent elderly, receiving a measly P500/month allowance from the government.

What can we do together?:

  1. Launch the Paraiso Blue Zone website and newsletter.
  2. Schedule and support Paraiso Blue Zone events:
    • Paraiso Blue Zone Expo on November 16, 2024, at Lakelands.
    • Paraiso Blue Zone Summit at Paraiso on January 19, 2025.
  3. Conduct Paraiso Blue Zone family, school, and corporate picnics, reunions, immersions, teambuilding, retreats, and farm tourism.
  4. Partner with organisations, like Ignite, to do start-up and sustainability seminars, and Christian organisations like CCF and Saddleback, to conduct retreats for physical, emotional, and spiritual health for the elderly and the youth.
  5. Give Blue Zone longevity seminars in residential villages, corporations, and schools.
  6. Partner with corporations and brands that promote Blue Zone principles and advocacy, like Novellino wine as the drink for long life, and Human Nature, as the natural cosmetic and personal care products for graceful aging.

This is just the beginning.

Let us help "Junior Para Maging Senior."

Let us help "Senior Para Maging Junior."

Together, let us build a Philippines where our citizens live better, safer, happier, and longer lives.

Thank you for helping build this noble legacy for the present and future generations.

With God's grace, it will happen.

Or, at least, we can die happy - trying.