List of BatStateU Conducted Studies (2008-2023)

On Health and Wellness Studies:

  • Physical and emotional health of senior citizens of home for the aged in Calamba, Laguna (2011)
  • Socila and Physchological Problem Encountered by Indigent Senior Citizens in Malvar, Batangas (2018)
  • Pulse Rate Monitoring Using Smart Watch for Senior Citizen of Barangay Janopol Occidental (2022)
  • Perception of the Elderly on the Effects of Exercise in Arthritis Management (2010)
  • Health Seeking Behavior and Its Influencing Factors as Perceived by Old Adults (2019)
  • Nutritional Status and Dietary Intake of Geriatric Individuals in Sagip Buhay Tahanan ng Barangay Malitam Batangas City (2017)

On Psychological and Sociological Aspects:

  • Life Satisfaction of Senior Citizens in Selected Towns in Batangas Province (2015)
  • Quality of Life and Self-Actualization of Senior Citizens in Malvar, Batangas (2018)
  • The Relationship of Academic Distinctions on the Career Development of Senior Citizens in Nasugbu, Batangas (2023)
  • Dilemmas of Aging Among the Selected Senior Citizens in Lipa City (2014)
  • Factors Contributing to the Death Anxiety Among the Members of Lipa City Federation of Senior Citizens Association (2017)
  • Life Satisfaction and Death Anxiety Among Selected Senior Citizens in Lipa City (2019)
  • Factors Affecting Decision Making of Late Adolescent and Old Age in Lipa City and San Jose Batangas (2022)
  • Late Adulthood : a study of old aged detainees during the period of decline (2018)

On Technology and Innovation in Senior Care:

  • Senior citizen record management system for the municipality of Talisay (2017)
  • Towards Personalized Medication Management: A Novel Approach to Medication Reminder Using Wearable Sensors and IoT (2023)
  • Management information system for the office of the senior citizen affairs of Bauan, Batangas (2023)
  • Online Verification System for Senior Citizen in Batangas City (2017)
  • Senior Citizen and Person with Disabilities Record Management System for the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office of Padre Garcia (2017)
  • Senior Citizen Information Analytics (2016)

On Institutional and Organizational Focus:

  • Organizational culture of senior citizens in municipality of Malvar, Batangas (2017)
  • Bicol geriatric medical center (2019)
  • Cavite Geriatric Hospital (2022)
  • A proposed geriatric hospital with retirement haven City of Sto. Tomas, Batangas (2022)
  • SENESCENCE : a proposed retirement haven and geriatic care center (2022)
  • TERRA SANCTA : a proposed serene haven for seniors (2022)
  • Kalinga: Proposed Medical Haven and Health Complex Facilities for Geriatric Care (2019)
  • N.G.M.I: National Geriatric Medical Institute (2019)
  • A Proposed Senior Citizen Complex (2002)

On Financial and Economic Aspects:

  • Money Management of Retired Public Teachers (2022)
  • Utilizations of Social Media Applications and Types of Disinformation Among Senior Citizens in Lipa City (2023)

On Policy and Legal Framework:

  • Level of Implementation of Selected Sections of Expanded Senior Citizen Act of 2010 in San Pascual Batangas (2018)
  • A proposed development communication plan for the senior citizens in the philippines during covid-19 health crisis (2022)

On Family and Community Dynamics:

  • Knowledge and Practices of Family Members in Addressing The Health-Related Needs of The Elderly in Nasugbu, Batangas (2023)
  • Factors Affecting the Well Being of the Elderly in Selected Homes for the Aged (2008)

On Design and Environment:

  • Compassion for the aged; enhancing the interior of Sagip-Buhay foundation through the concept of modern purist design (2014)