Paraiso's Journey to Becoming a Blue Zone Farm

May 2, 2024: Partnership with Batangas State University

Paraiso is making significant strides in promoting longevity through its partnership with Batangas State University (BSU). This collaboration is extending the reach of the Paraiso BLUE ZONE Movement for longevity to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kazakhstan. In the photo below, BSU Director Dr. Babes is seen with leaders from Lingnan University of Hong Kong. This partnership is pivotal in advancing the principles of a Blue Zone, focusing on extending life expectancy and improving the quality of life for Filipinos.

May 4, 2024: A Busy Day at Paraiso

May 4 was a bustling day at Paraiso, now a popular emerging Blue Zone Farm in the Philippines. The farm welcomed guests from the Maranatha Community of Singapore and Couples for Christ members from Canada and Quezon City. Everyone agreed that the healthy food at Paraiso is both nutritious and delicious. Earlier that day, the MBlessed travel team conducted an ocular visit in preparation for the upcoming event on May 6, where 35 Singaporean students and 5 mentors will plant bamboo trees at Paraiso. This initiative is part of a study on how Paraiso's practices can help improve the quality and extend the life expectancy of the elderly in rural areas.

June 6-9, 2024: Ignite's Blue Zone Principles Seminar.

Several forward-thinking groups, like Ignite, are beginning to hold their activities at Paraiso, the first BLUE ZONE FARM in the Philippines. Ignite will be conducting an exciting three-day seminar from June 6-9. This seminar will focus on the Blue Zone Principles of Prosperity, emphasizing values and actions related to Spirituality, Family, Community, Country, Business, and Shared Humanity. These events are designed to help improve the longevity and quality of life for Filipinos, aligning with Paraiso's mission to foster a healthier and more vibrant community.

Stay tuned for more updates on Paraiso's initiatives and how they continue to promote a healthier lifestyle and longevity for everyone involved.